As per the national contract for delivery of a cervical screening service, all sampletakers must maintain continuous professional development by completing a CervicalCheck clinical update at least once every three years. Currently, we have three standalone clinical updates. All new sampletakers must now complete CervicalCheck In Practice (CCIP) in order to register as a CervicalCheck sampletaker.

This programme aims to provide instruction and information on how CervicalCheck works in practice and the role that Primary Care have in preventing cervical cancer.

It provides informational video segments that demonstrate best practices in cervical screening, including counselling women, performing the screening test and recordkeeping.  This knowledge will equip the learner to help and support CervicalCheck to achieve their goal of reducing the incidence of and mortality from cervical cancer.

You can find direct links to all relevant CervicalCheck resources and documentation in one easy-to-access place at the end of the programme.

Accreditation: NMBI 1.5 CEUs, ICGP 1.5 CPD Credits & 0.5 GMS Credits.

The E-learning module HPV Cervical Screening is intended primarily for doctors and nurses who take cervical screening tests. The aim of this module is to increase sampletakers' knowledge of the changes to screening strategies in CervicalCheck.

On completion of the module, the participant should have an awareness and understanding of:

·         The rationale for change to HPV cervical screening

·         The impact of the changes in practice

·         The key messages to keep women informed and engaged

·         The resources available to the sampletakers to help manage the changes

Within the module, instructional videos demonstrate best practices in HPV cervical screening. There are also links to all relevant HPV cervical screening resources and documentation in one easy-to-access place at the end of the course. When the module is completed, the person must click on the EXIT button once they do this, we can log they have completed the module. This course has been granted 1 point for NMBI/CEUs.


Welcome to Cervix Visual Assessment Guide and Recognizing the Suspicious Cervix course.

Colposcopy services have reported an increase in the referral rate based on "Suspicious Cervix".

Inappropriate colposcopy referrals lead to overload of the colposcopy service, extended appointment waiting times and distress to those being referred.

Smeartakers should be familiar with the appearance of normal anomalies. After clearly visualising the cervix, an assessment as to whether a cause for concern can be made.

This course will help you to differentiate between normal anomalies and suspicious cervix.